The Library Boogie 
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

Late last night I happened to see
Somethin' strange at the library
The books are quiet all day long
But at night they like to sing some songs
They get the tapes and CDs out
They start to dance and then they shout (do the)

The library boogie (library boogie
The library boogie (library boogie)
Readin' a book, that's what I'm talkin' about (Oh yeah)
Get a library card and then you can check it out 
(check it out, check it out, check it out)

Listen and you can hear the tune 
Of a Runaway Bunny and a Goodnight Moon
Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?
A Very Hungry Caterpillar lookin' at me
Harold's Crayon draws a lot but
Can you tell me Where's Spot? He’s at the

Peter Rabbit said somethin' funny 
To Winnie the Pooh who was eatin' some honey
Frances has her Bread and Jam 
But I prefer Green Eggs and Ham
I asked Madeline and then Babar
If they knew where the Wild Things Are? They're at the

What are they doing?
They’re dancing
Look at ‘em go
Here comes the big finish!

Laura Ingalls is makin' friends
With the Velveteen Rabbit Where the Sidewalk Ends
The Secret Garden has a big Redwall
Where Charlotte the spider likes to crawl
Harry Potter and Nancy Drew
Are gettin' Goosebumps lookin' for clues At the

The books were dancing and having fun
When somebody said, "Here comes the sun!"
Everyone scrambled like a wild goose chase
Back to the shelves to find their place
The librarian turned on the light
She said, "My oh My what happened last night!" It was the
Get a library card and then you can check it out!

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Just Right 
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

(One, two, one, two, three, Bears!)

Once there was a girl with long golden hair
Walkin’ in the woods, home of the bears
She came to a house in the early mornin’ sun
Peekin’ through the window she saw porridge, yum, yum
She knocked on the door, no one came to see
She walked right in and said “excuse me”

Well, the first bowl of porridge was too hot
The second bowl of porridge was too cold
But the third bowl of porridge was just right
Just right, just right, just right

Well, Goldilocks ate up the food in the bowl
But she didn’t stop, she was on a roll
She wandered through the kitchen on into the den
She didn’t have permission, she was trespassin’ again
She saw in the room, antique rocking chairs
And she sat right down on her derriere

Well, the first rocking chair was too hard
The second rocking chair was too soft
But the third rocking chair was just right
Just right, just right, just right

The chair creaked and cracked, then crashed to the floor
But she didn’t care, they still had two more
Since she wasn’t busy, she went up the stairs
‘Til she found the place that was the bedroom of the bears
She yawned and stretched, this is not a lie
There were three feather beds for that girl to try

Well, the first feather bed was too high
The second feather bed was too low
But the third feather bed was just right 
Just right, just right, just right

Then she fell asleep, and started to snore
And then guess what, the bears were at the door
They’d been for a walk to let the porridge cool
It was time for Baby Bear to eat and go to school
They came inside, but something was wrong
They looked for their porridge, it was gone, gone, gone

Well, “Somebody’s been eating my porridge,” said Papa Bear
“Somebody’s been eating my porridge too,” said Mama Bear
Baby said, “Someone ate my porridge too!”
Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo
“And it’s all gone!”
Then they went into the den…

Well,“Somebody’s been sittin’ in my chair,” said Papa Bear
“Somebody’s been sittin’ in my chair too,” said Mama Bear
Baby said, “Someone sat in my chair too!” 
Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo 
“And now it’s broken!”
Then they went upstairs . . .

Well, “Somebody’s been sleepin’ in my bed,” said Papa Bear
“Somebody’s been sleepin’ in my bed too,” (“Where’s my Teddy Bear?”)
Baby said, “Someone slept in my bed too,” and she’s 
still there, still there, still there!

Well, all three bears were there, surrounding the bed
Her eyes opened up, then she shook her head 
“Well Oh My goodness, you gave me a fright!
Your cottage is so cozy but I have to say good-bye!”
Goldilocks jumped up, scrambled down the stairs 
And she didn’t look back at the home of the bears

Well, said Mama Bear, “This takes the cake
People cut down trees, and then pollute the lake
Now this little girl, who does she think she is
Comes into my kitchen and eats our breakfast
Sleeps in our beds, breaks my baby’s chair
I’ll show her not to mess with the bears!”

It took quite a while for Mama to calm down
Finally they had breakfast, Papa made a sound
You know that girl, she looked kinda sweet
I wish she could have stayed so we could have a bite to eat
Oh my, said Mama, what an appetite
He said “Who needs porridge she was ju-ust right!”
Just right, just right just right

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Sally and the Dragon
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

Once, a long time ago
There was a mean dragon, oh oh
She knocked buildings down
Everytime she came to town
(What a bad one)
(The mean dragon)
The people said what can we do
She’s knockin’ down our town boo hoo!
They said hey (hey!) stay away
But the dragon was back the next day
She roared as she flew through the air 
She made all the people scared
She flapped her giant wings
And knocked down some buildings
On the way back to her lair

So next they thought of a plot
To tie up the dragon in knots
A few brave souls went creeping
And tied up the dragon sleeping
(They caught her nappin’)
(What’s gonna happen?)
But when the dragon awoke
She said, “These knots are a joke.”
She snapped the rope easily
And then, she really got angry (chorus)

The town was startin’ to worry
Things were gettin’ worse in a hurry
They offered a golden reward
To a bold man with a sword
(Be very quiet)
(He’s gonna try it)
The man snuck up at night
And struck with all his might
But the dragon was faster still
She chased the man down the hill (chorus)

The town had had enough 
People started packing their stuff
Then from out of the valley
In walked a girl named Sally
(a little girl)
(could change the whole world)
She said what if only
The dragon was feeling lonely
If she had a friend
It could bring this tale to an end

And that’s just how it happened
Sally talked right to the dragon
They learned so much from each other
Now Sally rides on her back
And she stopped her attacks
(That’s a fact Jack)
(They’re on the right track)
(Sha dooby dooby)
(Now when she flew she)

Laughed as she flew through the air (haha)
She smiled and no one was scared (ah)
She flapped her giant wings and
Pushed some kids on the swings 
On the way back to her lair

So if you know a dragon
Who is making you cry
Just remember this story
Maybe the dragon who flies
Is a friend in disguise

(I’ll see you later/Alligator)
(In a while crocodile)

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Two Moms 
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight
Even though my parents aren’t divorced, I wanted to write a song about different kind of families. This song is also about celebrating those resilient kids who can make the best out of a difficult situation. A great book on the subject: “Dinosaur Divorce: a guide for changing families” by Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown.

Well, back when I was 3 or 4
My Mom and Dad got divorced
And both of them got married to someone new
Now they each have a place where I can stay
For a week or for a day
Instead of one, now I’ve got two

I’ve got two Moms (how do you do)
I’ve got two Dads (buckle my shoe)
I’ve got two beds to sleep in, wake up and go to school
(Good mornin’, cockadoodle doo)
I’ve got two sisters (both named Sue)
I’ve got two Cousins (in Kalamazoo)
I’ve got two of everything, (doot doodley doo)

Well, I like my Step-Mom and Step Dad
And they like me, it’s not too bad
My step sister is a real good dancer
It’s step to the left and step to the right
My step brothers are here tonight
Just watch your step for the step hamster (Chorus)

Well, lots of kids are just like me
With different kinds of families
For example my friend Jared
Lives with his grandparents
And my friends Scott and Heather
Live with their two moms together
Some kids just live with their Dad
Like my cousin Brad

In any kind of family
There’s some stuff that isn’t easy
I could sing a different song
About what was hard and what went wrong
But there’s a lot of good things too
And that the song I’m singin’ to you

Well, people change and people grow
What will happen it’s hard to know
And through it all I’m still their son
And they love me just like before
Only now it’s two times more
Sometimes two is better than one (Chorus)

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Rabbit Habit
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

Well, lettuce makes me limbo
Lettuce makes me leap
I eat it in the morning and before I go to sleep
I've got a rabbit habit
Let me tell you what I me---eeeen
I love vegies from the garden
Anything that's green

Well, carrots are so crunchy 
And of course they're sweet
I eat a bunch each day for lunch because they're fun to eat (chorus)

Spinach makes me spunky
And it makes me strong
When I eat my spinach it makes me sing this song (chorus)

Well, there's green leaf, red leaf, romaine and iceberg
Cabbage greens, lima beans, escararole and mustard
Sweet potatoes, red tomatoes, winter squash and parsley
Snow peas, snap beans, artichokes and celery
Parsnips, turnips, taters, and bok choy
Put 'em on the table I'm a happy boy Oh yeah! MMM mmm

At night I dream of of heaven
And this is what I see
Jungles of asparagus and ten foot broccoli (Chorus)

MMM mmm

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Bally Roo 
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

In the land of Bally Roo
Where the mu-mu bird sings
All the stars are silver blue
And the mermaids have wings
The mermaids have wings

Come with me, we'll take a trip
Through the peekaboo trees
And we'll sail a magic ship
On the murmuring sea
The murmuring sea
And the stars will light our way
And the stars will light our way
On the murmuring sea

In the land of Bally Roo
Where the bumblebears play
Meet me near the twilight moon
At the end of the day
The end of the day

In the cavern on the hill
The dragon's asleep
All is quiet, all is still
And the darkness is deep
The darkness is deep
My guitar will light our way
My guitar will light our way
Through the darkness so deep

In the land of Bally Roo
Where the jinglebush rings
All your wishes will come true
If you forget about things
Forget about things

Reach out I'll take your hand
To the end of our journey
Now the boat has touched the sand
Close your eyes and you'll see
Close your eyes and you’ll see
It's not so far to find this place
It's not so far to find this place
Close your eyes and you'll see

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The Elephant's Lullaby
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

In the jungle, late at night
All the little elephants are tucked in tight
Except that one little elephant won't close her eyes
And so we sing the elephant's lullaby

All the animals under the stars 
Listen for the sound wherever they are
And by the light of a jungle moon
Big Mama Elephant starts to croon
She sings go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)
Little elephants need to get their rest
To grow up big and strong
To make their ears so big and floppy
To make their trunks so long

All the elephants like to play
Hide and seek and tag all day
They slide down trees and swim in the creeks
And take a long bath every day of the week
But at the end of the day
It's time to hit the hay (Chorus)

So if your elephant has been up late
Is tired and hungry don't hesitate
Just give 'em some peanuts so they don't cry
And then sing the elephant's lullaby
It goes Go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)

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The Solar System 

copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9)
I know you're smart
Yes you are but
Did you know that the 
Sun is a star
Listen up now
Here's some wisdom there are
Nine planets in the
Solar System, Yeah!

Well, first is speedy Mercury
The fastest planet we can see
And next is Venus, me oh my
It's the brightest in the sky
Third is the planet of our birth
Full of life it's called the Earth and (chorus)

All these planets are
Revolving 'round a star
And it's a star that we all call the Sun
And of these planets, most have moons
There's asteroids and comets too
Put 'em all together you have got
The Solar System

Red red Mars is the 4th one's name 
Glowing in the night like a burnin' flame
And fifth is the Giant Jupiter
Biggest planet and that's for sure
Sixth is Saturn with its rings
Gravity holds everything (chorus)

Well, number 7 is Uranus
Turning sideways on it's axis
And next is Neptune, what a view
Planet 8 is ocean blue
Last is Pluto, so far out
Scientists say it doesn't count(chorus)

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copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

I'm a little honey, honeybee
I live here in the hive with my family
I spend my days and all my hours
Lookin' for nectar in the sweetest flowers

I work all day, busy as a bee
I visit every flower that I can see
And I collect pollen everywhere I go
To fertilize the seeds and make the new plants grow

Oh when I find a flower that's really sweet
I go back to the hive and I say look at me
There's a new flower right over there
If you watch me dance, I'll show you where oh
Circle to the left 
With a buzzing sound (bzzz, bzzz)
Circle to the right 
Turn around
Turn to the left and flap your wings
Honeybees hum but they don't sing

I'm a little honey, honeybee
I won't bug you if you don't bug me
Whenever you see me, you'd better be kind
'Cuz I got a little stinger on my behind 

Well all the workers are female bees
In the service of her majesty
There's a few boys close to the queen
But everybody else is a sister to me 

Oh, when I get back to my little hive
The other bees are waitin' for me when I arrive
They take all the nectar that I bring home
And make it into honey in the honeycomb
They don't have phones, they don't get mail
Honeybees talk by shakin' their tails

Oh, when I find a flower that's really sweet
I go back to the hive and I say look at me
There's a new flower right over there
If you watch me dance, I'll show you where
Honeybees look at the sky
They use the sun to figure out which way to fly

Well, everybody likes honey to eat
Whenever they want something sweet
So next time you have it just remember me
I'm the one who makes it, I'm the honeybee

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Invisible Girl 
copyright 2001 By Tom Knight and Christine Somerfeldt

She discovered when she was three
The secret of invisibility
If they didn’t understand
Or things got out of hand
Then she could disappear completely

As she got older she made some friends
Who could see her and not pretend
She’s smart and she is strong
She’s been here all along
They say that seein’ is believin’
Invisible Girl, Invisible Girl
Take us into your invisible world
What you’ve hidden away
Could save the day
We really want to see you
Invisible Girl

She has a right to be heard and seen
She may be young but she’s a human being
Don’t take her for a flower
You haven’t seen her power
She’ll go as far as she can dream 

Invisible Girl, Invisible Girl
We need to see you out in the world
What you’ve hidden away
Could save the day
You could be a hero
Invisible Girl
I don’t see her anywhere
Open your eyes!
Open your ears!
There she is!

I’ll tell you somethin’ you should know 
She needs a lot of love to grow 
Just like a tiny seed
Can become a giant tree
She’ll grow up strong and true if you
Listen, Listen to her

And every girl is a powerful girl
And you belong everywhere in the world
We love to see who you can be
I believe in you
Incredible Girl

She’s brilliant!
I need my sunglasses
You Go Girl!
(You ain’t seen nothin’ yet)

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The Library Song
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

Hey everybody turn off the TV
Meet me down at the library (refrain)

They got books and music, and movies too
Whatever you want, you get to choose at the (refrain)

Every story that’s ever been told
Is sittin’ on a shelf like a little bit of gold
And you can take it home it’s not very hard
All you need is your library card at the (refrain)

If you’ve got a question, I know where to look
Chances are the answer’s in a book at the (refrain)


Hey maybe you are a writer yourself
And someday we’re gonna see a book with your name on the shelf at the
(Refrain twice)

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Little Squirrel Came Home 
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight and John Simon

Little Squirrel came home
Just like she always does
She'd been in squirrel school
Studyin' kinds of nuts
But something was different today
Daddy was crying
And Mommy looked mad
Prickly like a porcupine

Then they saw her
And they took her by the paw
And they wrapped her in their furry arms
And at night they this song

Little squirrel in your nest
It's time to sleep and get your rest
You know your Daddy still loves you
And of course, your Mommy too
It's not your fault you've done nothing wrong
We'll keep you warm all winter long
Listen to the nightingale 
As we wrap you up in your furry tail

Little squirrel woke up
Just like she always does
She was confused and scared
"What's gonna happen to us?"
They had decided that night
Her Daddy would move away
She would live with her mom
See Dad on Saturdays
And she was crying
As the stars fell from the sky
And they wrapped her in their furry arms
And they let her cry and cry (Chorus)

Little Squirrel we will be
A different kind of family
Sometimes parents need to be apart
There is nothing that you did
To make this happen- you're a kid
You will still be in the mid-dle of us
Close to our hearts

Little Squirrel's life changed
Not like it always was
She had two different homes
It was hard to adjust
And sometimes she was feelin' so bad
She didn't know what to do
So she let her feelings show
That helped to get her through

And at nighttime
When she told them how she felt
They each sang this little song
Or she sang it to herself (Chorus)

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On the Way Home
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

I can still remember
Though it was so long ago
Ridin' in the backseat
On the way home

When I was so little
I couldn't see out the window
Just the vinyl upholstery
On the way home

The radio is playin'
A sweet old tune I used to know
The car is rockin' gently
As the moon begins to glow

The engine is hummin' to me
A song that's soft and kinda low
My eyes won't stay open
On the way home

Whispered voices wake me
With sleepy eyes I raise my head
The seatbelt clicks and I'm lifted
Carried in to bed

The blankets are warm and cozy
My teddy bear is at my elbow
Snuggled under the covers
I'm finally home
I’m finally home
Finally home

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