When I Grow Up
by Tom Knight

(I Wanna Hava) Banana
Lyrics copyright 1989  by Tom Knight,  Music- traditional (La Bamba)

I wanna have a banana
I wanna have a banana when I get hungry
Each time of the morning
Each time of the morning or maybe a yogurt
Iíll eat ya, Iíll eat ya
Iíll eat ya today
No teeth decay, no teeth decay

Bana-nana, Bana-nana
Bana-nana, Banana!

Fill up a wheel barrow
Fill up a wheel barrow, weíll have some fun
Weíll eat bananas Ďtil the morning comes


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The Dinosaur Song
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

Chorus: Oh tell me why (why why)
Did the dinosaurs die (die die)
Are they way up there
In that jungle in the sky (sky sky)
And where did they go (go go)
Were they movin' too slow (slow slow)
How I wish that we
We could really know (know know)

Maybe there was a flood, or maybe a storm
Maybe the sun got hot and made their blood warm
Or maybe the lightning was very very frightening
And all those dinosaurs just went into hiding (Chorus)

Well Tyrannosaurus Rex was a really big guy
One day he tripped, he bumped his head on the sky
And Pterodactyl couldn't spell his own name
One day he flew and he crashed into a plane (Chorus)

If they were alive, then I'd have one for a pet
I think Tricerotops is the one that I would get
He would be my best friend - I would feed him on ice cream
When my babysitter saw him, she would run away and scream (Chorus)

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Stone Soup
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

I was walking along the road one day
I was tired and hungry, no place to stay
And then I came to a little house
With a little lady looked like a mouse
Dear Lady, give me something to eat
She said, Go away young man, you have smelly feet
Dear Lady, well here's the scoop
If you give me a stone, we'll make stone soup

Chorus: I said hey hey (hey hey)
Skit skit skat (skit skit skat)
Soup from a stone (soup from a stone)
How 'bout that (How 'bout that)
I said, whoa whoa (whoa whoa)
Little little loo (Little little loo)
Soup from a stone (soup from a stone)
You can have some too (Have some too)

So I got a stone from out of the road 
It was kind of dirty it was kind of cold
Get me some water and get me a pot
We're gonna cook this stone, 'cuz it's all we've got
Give me a taste, that's pretty good
But we need something else to taste just like it should
How 'bout carrots? Yes, carrots it is
We need carrots to make it bubble and fizz (Chorus)

Well she went to her garden and what did she see
Fresh juicy carrots, one two three
Those beautiful carrots, they jumped right in
But something was missing, it was still too thin
I'll get some taters and some cabbage greens
This is the best soup that I've ever seen
Soup from a stone is a marvelous feet
It's good enough now for the king to eat (Chorus)

So we ate that meal that we had cooked
It tasted even better than it had looked
Thanks again for the meal tonight
You're a nice young man and so polite!
Dear Lady, Thank you, but it's time to go
And please forgive me, I need to take my stone
For tomorrow night I'll be in a group
Maybe they would like stone soup! (Chorus)

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Spider's Jamboree
Copyright 1988 by Tom Knight and Maren Leyla Cooke

There were closets full of skeletons and psychedelic pelicans
All around the haunted house that night
And in the darkest hour, the witch's brew was sour
With vampires lurking just to take a bite
It was the Spider's Jamboree, oh me, and all the food was free

The ghosts were all in favor of spicing up the flavor
Of the witch's brew that in the cauldrons boiled
But the frogs and toads forbidded it with one resounding "Ribbit"
For in the soup their evening would be spoiled
It was the Spider's Jamboree, oh me, and all the food was free

Spiders dancing to and fro, rockin' to the radio
Boys and ghouls broke all the rules dancing in the swimming pools
Girls and bears let down their hair, waltzing in the midnight air
Lots of fun for you and me at the Spider's Jamboree

Count Dracula, our gracious host, invited lots of friendly ghosts
With mummies and the daddies and the kids
But bats they flittered all around, emitting little sonar sounds
Until they made the old Count flip his lid
It was the Spider's Jamboree, oh me, and all the food was free

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copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

Chorus: You gotta re-cycle 
Do it again
You gotta re-cycle
Tell all my friends
Newspaper, cardboard, aluminum too
Glass bottles, coke bottles, what you gonna do? 
You gotta re-cycle
Make something new

Don't you like the birds and trees, don't you like the sky
If we want to save these things, people have to try
All around you see garbage, taking up all our space
Now we have to recycle to make this a better place (Chorus)

You know you can get money from all those bottles and cans
Do us all a big favor, lend a helping hand
Take 'em down to the center, they come back shiny and new
That's better than makin' more garbage
What do you think we should do? (Chorus)

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The Teddy Bear Song
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

Chorus: Where do the teddy bears go
When their hair has been all loved away
And their children have grown
Could it be that there is still a place
In your heart for that furry face?

You got bears in your bedroom
There's so many they can't all have names
But they do and you love them
I won't tell you that they all look the same (Chorus)

I've heard that bears like to party
They sneak out late at night until dawn
They ride home on their scooters
You wake up, you never knew they were gone (Chorus)

They come in all different sizes
Small as a mouse to as big as a car
But the size doesn't matter
All that matters is the place in your heart (Chorus)

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The Magic Taxi
copyright 1986 by Tom Knight

Well Iím the magic taxi, My horseís name is Fred
My name is Gesundheit , And I should be home in bed
Iíll take you to the market, Iíll take you to the square
Tell me wher you wanna go, Iíll take you anywhere

Well sir we have been around most anyplace you know
The places that we havenít been Iíd kinda like to go
Up to the mountain down to the valley under the deep blue sea
And Iím such a kind old man I do it all for free

Iíll could take you to the moon, but donít tell anyone
Take you to the planet Mars and donít forget the sun
I donít mind the space travel but itís kinda hard to breathe
But Iíll take you if you like just smile and then say please

Far back as I can remember I always had this job
I used to drive a dinosaur, a big guy name of Bob
Bobby he could move so fast we rode up on his back
He could run around the world get back in time for snack

Once we took an armadillo out to see his Mom
First we went to Africa and then we went to Guam
Finally when we found her she was living in Paree
She was there vacationing and sipping herbal tea

People tell me that Iím silly and I sípose theyíre right
But I leave Ďem laughing as Iím rolliní out of sight
Just to spread a little joy, I think thatís a good life
If we all just smiled more there wouldnít be so much strife

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Waltzing with Bears
copyright 1996 Dale Marxen, Tomorrow River Music, ASCAP

Chorus: He goes wa-wa-wa-wa, waltzing with bears.
Raggy bears, shaggy bears, baggy bears too.
There's nothing on earth Uncle Walter won't do.
So he can go waltzing, wa-wa-wa waltzing,
So he can go waltzing, waltzing with bears.

I went to his room in the middle of the night,
I tiptoed inside and I turned on the light.
But to my dismay, he was nowhere in sight.
'CuzUncle Walter goes dancing at night (Chorus)

We bought Uncle Walter a new coat to wear,
But when he comes home it's all covered with hair
And lately I've noticed there are several new tears
I'm sure Uncle Walter goes waltzing with bears (Chorus)

We told Uncle Walter that he should be good
And do all those things that we said he should
But I know that he'd rather be off in the wood
I'm afraid that we'll lose him, we'll lose him for good (Chorus)

We begged and we pleaded, "Oh please won't you stay?"
We managed to keep him at home for a day.
But the bears all barged in and they dragged him away.
Now he's waltzing with pandas,
and he can't understand us
'Cuz the bears all demand at least one dance a day! (Chorus)

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Caterpillar Dance
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

I took my caterpillar to school one day
He was black and brown with a little bit of gray
He had fur from his nose to his toes
'Cuz that's what caterpillars use for clothes
Well he was special he was really smart
'Cuz he like music and he liked art
But most of all, and it wasn't just chance
My pet caterpillar loved to dance

Chorus: Dance caterpillar dance...

My teacher didn't like him very much
She said, throw it away dear, throw him out with your lunch
I said, "Are you kidding?! This caterpillar's more talented than you are
Someday my caterpillar's gonna be a star" (Chorus)

Well my mother didn't like him very much either
She said, "Caterpillars are dirty. I said, "They're not neither!"
She said, "I don't want caterpillars in my house!"
I guess I shouldn't have left him dancing on the couch (Chorus)

One day I couldn't find him at all
I looked on the floor, and I looked on the wall
Finally I found him, he'd turned into a cocoon
I wonder if butterflies can dance. I guess I'll find out soon

Dance butterfly dance...

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The Garbage Monster
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

Late last night when I should have been sleeping
I heard a terrible sound
I heard the crash of a tin can falling 
But nobody was around

Whatís over there? Itís the garbage monster
Itís so gross what can it be?
Whatís over there? Itís the garbage monster
Just stay away from me

So I got dressed and I had this feeling
That I was in for a scare
All I could see was a plastic bag and some styrofoam underwear

So there he was, the garbage monster
All my nightmares come true
He said, Come with me and weíll rule the world
And nobody can help you

Wait a minute Garbage monster, parts of you are re-cyclable etc.

I took away all his nice clean paper
And his aluminum too
I took away all his glass and cardboard
There was nothing that monster could do (chorus)

So now that monster is so much smaller
Now heís easy to take
Maybe someday weíll all recycle 
Everything that we make (chorus)

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The Juggler
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

Well the juggler is a strange one
He does his tricks for his own fun
And the people gather 'round him
To see the tricks that astound 'em

But when the juggler is in danger of losing all he has
Then the juggler gets it balanced
And he's right back where he started

So it's faster and it's funny
It's hard to play for the money
But it's easy with the patter
'Cuz it's the jokes that matter (Chorus)

So the juggler is a dancer
He's an actor with no answer
But it's simple entertainment
And it's worthy of the time spent (Chorus)

Here's a good day, here's a slow one
It's hard to keep it goin'
It takes practice, but it's fun too
It's easy just count one two three four five six

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When I Grow Up
copyright 1989 by Tom Knight

When I grow up I'm gonna be so strong
Like the man on TV that I saw
I'll fight crime all day and wear a big red cape
And everyone is gonna know my name
When I grow up
When I grow up

When I grow up I'm gonna be a star
Have my own plane and my own car
The lights'll shine on me, I'll be in my own movie
And everyone will come around to see
When I grow up
When I grow up

When I grow up I'm gonna be a scientist
I'll find the cure that everyone else missed
I'll find a cure for cancer, I'm sure I'll find the answer
'Cuz I'm the smartest person in my class
When I grow up
When I grow up
When I grow up

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